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The PAMAS FSA-2002 Floc Size Analyser has been designed for coagulation and water treating systems. Water is often treated by adding flocculents. These flocculation agents are used to gather solid undissolved contaminants to particulate agglomerates. Before the process of filtration commences, the floc size and quantity is analysed using the PAMAS FSA-2002. Precise information about the particle size helps to verify and to determine if the process of coagulation is complete or if further flocculation agents must be added.

The PAMAS FSA-2002 consists of the particle counter PAMAS 3116, the particle sensor PAMAS HCB-LD-900, a pump, an analysing system and a chassis enabling the mobile use on site and at different measuring points.

Particle Sensor PAMAS HCB-LD-900

Size range: 30 – 8,000 µm as per calibration standard ISO 21501

Maximum particle concentration: 10 P/ml at a 7.8 % coincidence and a flow rate of 500 ml/min

Standards and methods

ISO 21501-3          

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