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Particle counter for water based hydraulic fluids

For safety and ecologic reasons, hydraulic systems in the offshore Oil&Gas industry are operated with biodegradable hydraulic liquids. These water-glycols cause less harm than oil based hydraulic fluids if they accidentally flow into sea water. Water based fluids are also preferred because of their stable viscosity degree regardless oscillating temperature. Furthermore, they are fire resisting and hardly inflammable. Water based hydraulic fluids are used in the following offshore applications: Subsea Christmas Trees and Wellhead Assemblies, Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Accumulators, Subsea Umbilicals, Hydraulic Valves and Control Systems.

For the use in dedicated offshore applications, PAMAS has designed specific instruments which are adapted to the contamination analysis of water-based fluids: The portable particle counters PAMAS S4031 WG and PAMAS S4031 GO WG and the laboratory instruments PAMAS SBSS WG and PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO and the online unit PAMAS OLS50P are ideal instruments for the analysis of water based hydraulic fluids and are compatible with the following hydraulic liquids: MacDermid Oceanic HW 540/443/443R, Castrol Transaqua, Pelagic 100, Aqualink 325-F Houghton, Aqualink HT804F and Aqualink 300-F. Due to their reliability, PAMAS instruments for offshore applications are tried and tested with a reputation for dependability in the most demanding production environments.


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