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Particle counter for pharmaceutical fluids

For the particle analysis of pharmaceutical fluids, PAMAS provides two laboratory instruments with different options and equipment. Due to this variety, the user is able to select the ideal particle analysing system for the individual fluid and the specific application. The analysing instrument PAMAS SVSS (Small Volume Syringe System) is designed for the analysis of low viscous fluids including infusion solutions, parenterals, pharmaceutical suspensions and intravenous or ophthalmic liquids. For higher viscosity samples or for fluids containing gas bubbles, PAMAS offers the measuring instrument PAMAS SBSS (Syringe Bottle Sampling System). This user-friendly laboratory instrument offers full flexibility as virtually all measuring parameters can be pre-set and adapted to the specific application by the user. The main benefit of the PAMAS SBSS laboratory instrument is the integrated pressure container. This sample vessel is used to create either a high pressure or vacuum atmosphere that is safely enclosed within the locked container. High pressure is applied to transport high viscous liquids through the sensor for measurement, whereas the vacuum mode removes gas bubbles out of the sample.

The laboratory instruments PAMAS SBSS and PAMAS SVSS and the corresponding PAMAS USP software are fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and fulfil the requirements of the USP, EP, BP, JP, KP and IPC pharmacopoeia. Both standard instruments are also available with optional equipment for the analysis of small sample volumes: With the help of the optional Small Volume Kit, the PAMAS SVSS is able to measure small volumes of low viscosity samples out of containers down to 1 ml. As with the PAMAS SVSS, the PAMAS SBSS can also be optionally equipped for small sample volumes. With the help of an optional small pressure container, higher viscosity liquids in small volume ampoules down to 1.5 ml can be analysed under pressure.


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