Welcome to PAMAS

Founded in 1992, PAMAS develops, manu­fac­tures, distrib­utes and services liquid particle coun­ters to measure partic­u­late contam­in­a­tion in liquids. The highly soph­ist­ic­ated optical sensors are manu­fac­tured at the company plant in Germany. Due to its own depart­ment for Research and Devel­op­ment, PAMAS is market leader for high-quality liquid particle counting systems.

PAMAS particle counters

Particle meas­uring tech­no­logy is used to control clean­li­ness of liquids and to identify quality defi­cien­cies and excessive wear in order to avoid even­tual costly machine fail­ures. PAMAS particle coun­ters measure solid partic­u­late contam­in­a­tion of liquids and control the effi­ciency of filters and the clean­li­ness of liquids.

Particles circu­lating at high speed and pres­sure in the liquids of turbines, power plants, gear­boxes and offshore applic­a­tions are capable of damaging mech­an­ical parts of the system. 

Particles affect both the quality of liquids (e.g. contam­in­ants in phar­ma­ceut­ical solu­tions, drinking water or process water), and also the connected compon­ents and machines (e.g. in aviation and hydraulics in general).