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Particle counter for oil and gas

Versatile Applications of Particle Counters in the Oil and Gas Industry

Requirements and Applications

The oil and gas industry imposes special demands on measurement technology. Here, particle counters for liquids are used in a wide variety of ways:

Problem Solutions through Particle Counters

Particle counters help identify a range of problems in the oil and gas industry:

What would you like to know?

Frequently asked questions about PAMAS particle counters in the oil and gas industry

Do PAMAS instruments meet the major industry standards? 
Yes, our devices meet common industry standards defined in the API: ISO 11171, SAE AS4059, NAS 1638, ISO 4406, and ISO 4407.

Does PAMAS offer worldwide service, including offshore on FPSO’s and drilling rigs? 
Absolutely, we offer comprehensive, worldwide service. This includes offshore operations to always ensure you the best possible support. Global reach, local support.

Can PAMAS devices measure various sample liquids from the oil and gas industry? 
Sure, our devices are specifically designed to analyse a variety of fluids such as saltwater, water-glycol mixtures, and aggressive chemicals and reliably determine the particle count.

What else do existing customers appreciate about our particle counters?

Why should you choose PAMAS?

Choosing the right particle counter for the specific requirements of the oil and gas industry can be a challenge. At PAMAS, we offer a number of compelling reasons why we are the right partner for you:

We look forward to your requirements.

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