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Particle counter for emulsions and dark fluids

Some fluids cannot be analysed through Automatic Particle Counters. Amongst these are two phase liquids, emulsions, and highly contaminated liquids whose extraordinary high content of contaminants per millilitre greatly exceeds the maximum particle concentration of an Automatic Particle Counter. In order for PAMAS to continue to support customers, existing and new, when analysing such fluids, PAMAS offers its own automatic microscope system for the analysis of filter membranes.

The PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO offers all features of an automatic image analysing system: The system analyses particles trapped on the surface of the filter membrane and measures the length and width of each single particle. The user can capture images from any area of the filter membrane and add them to the end report with the dimensions of each particle displayed. The PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO system complies with international cleanliness standards including ISO 4407 and provides results to SAE AS 4059 (B-F), NAS 1638, ISO 4406 and ISO 16232. If the user requires, the instrument is able to measure particles according to any user defined or customer specific standard.

Dark fluids can also be analysed with the PAMAS S50DP online particle counter. The instrument is equipped with an integrated dilution system that automatically dilutes the sample before online measurement.


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