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PAMAS - Partikelmess- und Analysesysteme GmbH
Dieselstraße 10
D-71277 Rutesheim/Germany
Phone: +49 7152 99 63-0
Fax: +49 7152 99 63-32
E-mail: info@pamas.de
Managing Director: Gerhard Schreck
Commercial register: Handelsregister B Stuttgart HRB 252024
Sales Tax Identification Number (Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer): DE 153 503 924
Certificate Registration No. according to ISO 9001:2015: 01 100 061898 >> View certificate

Data security officer
Michael Schumacher
Dieselstraße 10
D-71277 Rutesheim
E-Mail: michael.schumacher@pamas.de

Terms and Conditions
Our Terms and Conditions are available in this PDF-file.

PAMAS does not warrant for the truth, the sufficiency or the up-to-dateness of the information indicated on this website. The information on this website might be technically imprecise or might contain literal errors or other mistakes. The indicated information might be updated in irregular terms. PAMAS may not be held liable for claims or damages of any type. Mandatory legal requirements remain unaffected.

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All the texts, photos, pictures, sound/video and animation files, as well as their arrangements are strictly subject to copyright. They must not be copied or modified in any case – neither for trade issues nor for transfer issues. Hereby, the use of them on other websites is not permitted.

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Right of appeal
Referring to the legal judgment of the law court in Hamburg on May 12th 1998, this is to certify that there are links on this web site. For these links, the following statement is effective: PAMAS does not have an impact on design or content of any linked web sites. We herewith state explicitly to refrain from the content of any linked web site and we fully certify that we do not adopt their contents as our own and disclaim and responsibility for the contents.

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D-72070 Tübingen

PAMAS Partikelmess- und Analysesysteme GmbH
Dieselstraße 10
D-71277 Rutesheim / Deutschland

Phone +49 7152 9963-0
Fax +49 7152 9963-32
E-Mail info@pamas.de