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Particle counter for hydraulic and lubricating oil

In hydraulic and lubricating oil systems, particle counters are used for oil contamination analysis. Permanent condition monitoring of hydraulic and lubrication oil systems is a pre-requisite for continuous operation: Preventive analysis methods make a future need of repair and maintenance predictable. The portable particle counters of the PAMAS S40 product series can be used for batch and online sampling and for on-site measurements. With the aid of pressure reducer devices, the particle counters are adapted to sample fluid viscosity and to environmental pressure. The customer hence gets a tailor-made analysing system that has been individually manufactured for his specific application.

In fluid power systems, oil is used for power and energy transmission. The pressurized fluid transfers energy from a pump to a power machine. Pressurised liquids are used e.g. in mobile hydraulic systems including agricultural machinery, forklift and pallet trucks, hoists and in construction machinery. The PAMAS HCB-LD-50/50 particle sensor is mostly applied for the analysis of hydraulic oil; it has a sensor orifice of 500 µm x 500 µm. Due to its high maximum particle concentration, the standard sensor is able to reliably and accurately measure highly contaminated hydraulic fluids. In special cases, the PAMAS HCB-LD-25/25 with a sensor orifice of 250 µm x 250 µm can be used for particularly contaminated hydraulic oil. PAMAS particle counters can cope with high pressures up to 420 bar and thus are ideal instruments for the analysis of hydraulic fluids: During online measurement, the pressurized hydraulic fluid is analysed under real conditions in its original physical state during operation. During normal operation, the circulating particles move with high speed through the liquid. A particle analysis under real conditions enables to detect the real level of contamination as it indeed occurs during operation. The result of online measurement thus reflects the real cleanliness level in the fluid power system.

In tribology system, high viscous lubricating oil is used to reduce friction and to divert heat. The oil lays as lubrication film between mechanical parts and prevents abrasion (e.g. in gear boxes, bearings and motors).


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