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The PAMAS S50DP online particle counter offers an integrated dilution system to dilute the sample liquid directly online. The measuring instrument is best for samples which are either too contaminated or too viscous or which may contain undissolved additives. Such sample fluids until now could not be analysed without prior dilution.

The PAMAS S50DP is equipped with an integrated dilution system which continuously adds a programmable amount of a low viscous solvent to the raw sample before online measurement. The system's inner structure ensures that solvent and raw sample are thoroughly mixed. This helps to get a good homogeneity of the mixture and hence repeatable measuring results.

With its integrated dilution system, the PAMAS S50DP can be also used for online fuel analysis. Without prior dilution, free water in fuel would lead to false measurements. In the PAMAS S50DP, the water drops in the fuel sample are dispersed in the added solvent and thus are not detected as particles during posterior online measurement.

Standards and methods

ISO 11171 ISO 4402 ISO 4406 SAE AS4059 ASTM D7647  

Volumetric particle sensor PAMAS HCB-LD-50/50

Calibration range: 4 µm(c) to 70 µm(c) according to calibration standard ISO 11171
Measurement in eight size channels: > 4 µm(c), > 6 µm(c), > 10 µm(c), > 14 µm(c), > 21 µm(c), > 25 µm(c), > 38 µm(c) and > 70 µm(c)
Maximum particle concentration: 24.000 particles per ml at a coincidence quote of 7.8% and a flow rate of 25 ml/min



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