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Particle counters by industry

Oil and gas

Within the oil and gas sector, particle counters are used for cleanliness control of water based hydraulic fluids and for contamination analysis of injected water.

Industry hydraulics

The purpose of particle counters in industry hydraulics is the cleanliness control of operating fluids in permanently installed industry systems (e.g. manufacturing plants).

Mobile hydraulics

Portable particle counters are preferred instruments for on-site-analysis of operating liquids in mobile hydraulic machinery.

Automotive industry

In automotive industry, particle counters are used for component cleanliness control as per ISO 16232 and VDA-19.

Power generation

Particle counters are applied in power generation e.g. for cleanliness control of insulating oil in liquid filled power transformers.

Filter manufacturers

Particle counters are integrated in test rigs of filter manufacturers for filter efficiency verification.


Particle analysis of lubricants enables early detection of failures caused by wear and abrasion.


Particle counters designed specifically for Aerospace applications are able to measure kerosene in compliance with the IP 577 and DEF STAN 91-91 standards or hardly inflammable hydraulic fluids including Skydrol®.

Chemical industry

Viscosity, particle concentration and the requested measuring range are the key issues when selecting the ideal particle sensor for chemical fluids.


The quality of potable water, process water and waste water can be analysed and determined with the aid of a particle counter. The instrument also detects floc sizes in water treatment plants.

Test center / research / university

Due to their measuring accuracy and reproducibility, PAMAS particle counters are often used as reference instruments in scientific research.


Due to flexible options and various additional features, PAMAS particle counters are tried and tested for the use in the military sector. The user gets a particle analysing system that perfectly fits to his specific application. 

Component cleanliness

PAMAS particle counters measure component and surface cleanliness according to the standards ISO 16232 and VDA-19.

Pharmaceutical industry

Particles in pharmaceutical fluids are counted in compliance with the pharmaceutical standards USP <787>, USP <788>, USP <789>, EP, BP, JP, KP and IP. Customer specific standards can be defined as well for analysis.

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