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Particle counters by fluid

Hydraulic and lubricating oil

In hydraulic and lubricating oil systems, particle counters are used for oil contamination analysis.


Particle counters for water and pharmaceutical applications are calibrated with monodisperse latex spheres according to ISO 21501.

Pharmaceutical fluids

PAMAS laboratory instruments are fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and fulfill the requirements of the USP, EP, BP, JP, KP and IPC pharmacopoeia.


Particle counters for fuel analysis are equipped with special features, adapting them best to the specific requirements of fuel condition monitoring.

Industrial cleaning solvents

In compliance with the standards ISO 16232 and VDA-19, the cleanliness control of components and of packing materials can be monitored with the aid of an automatic particle counter.

Water based hydraulic fluids

For the use in dedicated offshore applications, PAMAS has designed specific instruments which are adapted to the contamination analysis of water-based fluids.

Emulsions and dark fluids

PAMAS offers its own automatic microscope system for the analysis of filter membranes for two phase liquids and emulsions. Dark fluids can also be analysed with the PAMAS S50DP online particle counter.

Aviation hydraulic fluids

Fire resisting or hardly inflammable hydraulic fluids are applied in environments where mineral oils cannot be used due to an elevated fire hazard (e.g. in mining or in aviation). To avoid corrosion, particle counters for the analysis of Skydrol® are produced with chemically stable materials recommended by the manufacturer which are non-corrosive and compatible with Skydrol®.

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