The PAMAS AS3 Autosampler is designed for high quantities of sample fluids and batch sampling. With this fully automated system, several hundred samples may be analysed per day.


Contamination analysis of a continuously high number of oil samples


  • Fully automated analysis
  • Up to 200 samples within 8 hours (i.e. up to 600 samples per day in case of continuous operation)
  • Handling viscosities up to 200 cStokes
  • Equipped with ultrasonic agitation probe for sample preparation
  • Automatic sampling: XYZ robot handles with samples on tray
  • Programmable flushing of sample wetted components to prevent cross contamination
  • Integrated dilution system for highly contaminated or high viscous fluids and for samples that may contain undissolved additives or undissolved water

Particle sensor PAMAS HCB-LD-50/50

Maximum concentration: 24.000 particles per ml at a concidence rate of 7.8% and a nominal flow rate of 25 ml per minute