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Welcome to PAMAS GmbH

PAMAS GmbH (founded in 1992), located near Stuttgart in Germany, is active throughout the world as a
company focused on high-quality particle measuring systems. Whenever it comes to particle counting
and particle sizing, PAMAS answers your needs for most applications. We at PAMAS have a continuing
commitment to learn from our customers. This drives the design quality of our products, now regarded
as the most reliable and accurate particle measuring instruments in the world. Furthermore, our experience
 over many years in this field enables us to provide individual support to every user of PAMAS equipment,
including a wide variety of special applications. Our statement is to solve our customers' problems, not just
to sell a particle counting system.

To learn more about our company and about our product range, please consult our application brochure and our image brochure.


Cost-effective, high
performance laser-based
online particle counter PAMAS S50 with simple
integration into industrial
data management systems


Portable particle counter PAMAS S4031 in the rugged case PAMAS GO. Developed and designed for harsh environments.


Fully automated
PAMAS AS3 autosampler for contamination analysis of several hundred samples a day

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