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Condition Monitoring and Data Management

The software PAMAS CMDM was developed to control the oil contamination for preventive maintenance in hydraulic and lube oil systems. The software tool enables recording and analysis of cleanliness trends of instruments of the particle counters PAMAS S40 and PAMAS SBSS.

Combined with the software PAMAS CMDM, the portable particle counter PAMAS S40 can be operated in a routing mode. A routing list with up to 20 measuring points may be programmed on the PC and uploaded to the PAMAS S40 before tests commence. Different measuring parameters for each measuring point are pre-defined and uploaded with the route list; they may also be stored on the PC for later reuse. All defined measuring points are displayed in a clearly arranged list on the screen of the particle counter. The operator just has to follow the route list displayed on the PAMAS S40. The instrument will then measure according to the programmed parameters of each measuring point, whether it be a batch or an online measurement. It is impossible to tamper with this settings in the routing mode: the particle counter is automatically set up correctly for each single measuring point. This avoids wrong measuring results due to inappropriate sampling. The operator may only repeat measurements which do not seem to be correct. Measurement data of each single measuring point, stored in the PAMAS S40, may be downloaded afterwards on the PC; the results can now be evaluated, stored and printed with the software PAMAS CMDM.

The PAMAS CMDM software will display and store data from PAMAS S40, PAMAS SBSS or from digital pictures (e.g. from microscopic analyses). Useful is the integrated graphical trend monitor for up to 50 measurements of a single measuring point.

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